What Are The Types Of Cutting Boards

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  • 12 October 2022

Knives and cutting boards work in the kitchen as the ideal pair and, just like knives, it is best to put an honest thought to the kind of cutting boards to purchase. It's much more than just walls for countertops when you decide the best type for you, one must consider its benefits and the nuances.
We summarized all for you, and here are the various types of chopping boards that have made the cut:

Wood Cutting Board

At the top of the list is the most sought-after cutting board, which is made of wood. This kind of cutting table is considered to be a classic kitchen appliance. This is not only due to its traditional appearance however, with the right care and attention it will endure for many years. One of the biggest advantages of cutting boards made from wood is their long-lasting nature. They are capable of enduring the rigors of daily usage. This endurance does not only make a wood cutting board an excellent investment, but it also is also a secure tool. When you prepare food, particularly meat that is raw, you require an extremely solid, durable surface. This is essential to avoid injuries. A cutting board made from wood can provide this stability. If you are worried about theft and you want to change your home door lock and you are searching lock expert so contact Locksmith Anniston. Their services are very admirable.
The idea that a wood cutting board could become a breeding place for harmful bacteria has been disproved by recent research that showed that the scratches that build up on wooden boards aren't nearly as harmful to bacteria that harvest them as those found made on boards of plastic. The reason is that the bacteria are so deep into the wooden surface that they are unable to reproduce and disappear. Therefore, it is fine to use both so long as you maintain them in a clean state, you do not need to worry over the build-up of bacteria. In summer, If you have an Ac Issue in your home so contact AC Repair Techs Miramar Beach. Their services are very admirable.

Plastic Cutting Board

Cutting boards made of plastic were the fashion as the plastic was a re-industrialized material, making it a plentiful resource. The most distinctive feature of this kind of cutting board is that it is dishwasher-friendly and extremely inexpensive. With a reasonable price, it is possible to buy two or three of them in a variety of colors for specific food preparation purposes.
However, a cutting board needs to be replaced if its surface is severely damaged. The primary reason is the fact that bacteria prefer to flourish in these cut areas, and if transferred to food, it can cause serious health problems. The grooves created by knife cuts are difficult to clean and disinfect by hand. Even after washing this kind of cutting board thoroughly, the bacteria are fond of sticking to these crevices. As a result, you can't be sure that the chopping board is safe to reuse to cook food. Also, regardless of its dishwasher-friendly feature, it is not recommended to be placed within the washing phase of the cycle as it could warp or bend slightly. This results in a shaky platform to cut on and creates a greater risk of slippage when cutting with the knife. To prevent warping remove the board off of the plastic after washing and let it air dry. For home service, drip, drip. Do you hear that? That is your water and a portion of your cash going straight down the drain! A broken spigot is simply something irritating and if you want to replace your faucets and you must call Replace Kitchen Faucet Hillsview. They are always available for service. and If you're looking for a natural and realistic look for your kitchen floor effect, so you can contact  Kitchen Floor Installation North Sultan. They have High-Quality people who can complete your requirements.

Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo is an eco-sustainable alternative to a cutting board for eco-friendly warriors. . The grass is hard that is renewable and sustainable does not require chemical fertilizers to thrive or to be harvested. It's not just for eco-conscious people as this is also one of the sought-after choices by the general people in general. It is because of its stylish and trendy appearance, as well because it doesn't absorb liquids as readily as wood boards, making bamboo less susceptible to warping and cracking. Bamboo is naturally porous, which means it can withstand moisture better and is able to last longer than wooden boards that are in that same cost range.
There are, of course, negatives with this type of cutting board. It is extremely hard in comparison to cutting boards made of wood, and as such it could quickly dull your knives. If you're not cautious making small cuts on the bamboo could result in your knives catching while you chop on the board. This could make it difficult to enjoy a smooth motion when you're cutting.

The Top Cutting Boards To Keep In Your Kitchen, As Per Chefs

If you're obsessed with your knives, like many chefs do, then you must be concerned about the cutting boards you use. Oft, they are a last resort at the table, cutting boards that are the best will prevent blades from becoming dull on solid surfaces such as countertops or plates. Therefore, a properly-stocked kitchen should include a variety of surfaces to cut the various items you'll need to cut. You can buy cutting boards in a variety of dimensions, shapes and sizes high-quality options will allow you to cut everything from vegetables to bread to raw fish, meat, and chicken with safety and in a proper manner.
When you're looking for a cutting board the first step is deciding on the material you'd like to use. While it's impossible to choose between wood and plastic as it is naturally beautiful and anti-microbial, however, there are other options available including plastic, rubber, or recycled products. In addition, what kind of cutlery you select is dependent on your preference. Tim Hollingsworth, chef and the owner of Otium, CJ Boyd's, and Free Play in Los Angeles prefer to purchase pieces of lumber from lumber yards and then make his own. According to him, the cutting board's longevity is the most crucial aspect. "I've been using the same board for more than 20 years now, " he declares. "Every once in a while I clean it and apply oil to it."
And, according to Tiffani Faison who is the chef as well as a restaurateur who runs Big Heart Hospitality, no whatever kind of board you are using make sure you buy cutting mats such as the San Jamar Saf-T-Grip Board-Mate, to use underneath it. "It is durable and will keep your board perfectly still," she says.
This is where Hollingsworth, as well as Faison, discuss the kitchen boards that they've worked with and enjoyed throughout their careers in the kitchen. From anti-microbial rubbers to gorgeous maple wood that lasts for decades There are some top options for your kitchen. When you've picked the best one, make sure to check our list of the top sheets pans, and cookware that is nonstick or air fryers.
Top Overall Cutting Board Notrax Sani Tuff, the premium cutting rubber board
The Best wood Cutting board: John Boos Walnut Wood Edge Grain Round Cutting Board

  • The most eco-friendly cutting board The Epicurean Kitchen Series: Epicurean Kitchen Series
  • The Best Cutting Board for Food Or Fish: John Boos Maple Cutting Board with Juice Groove
  • The best plastic cutting board: Material Kitchen The reBoard
  • The Best Bamboo Cutting Board Traeger Magnet Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Best Soft Wood Cutting Board: Hinoki Cutting Board
  • The Best stain-resistant Cutting Board Epicurean Natural Fiber Cutting Board

The Reasons Wood Is Still The Top Cutting Board Material

  • The best material for cutting boards is one that is easily cleaned and won't scratch or dull knives.
  • The most common choices for cutting board materials include plastic, wood bamboo, rubber and bamboo.
  • Wood cutting boards are renowned due to their durability and self-healing characteristics, as well as their ability to maintain the edge of a knife.

The initial cutting boards were created from wood, or rather hacked, from a solid wood log, by our ancestral culinary cavemen who used what they had in their possession. In the end, the material they had available remains the most suitable material to create cutting boards today.
There are alternatives to choose from. Modern materials have been created for kitchen use The most popular being plastic.
For the most part, wood cutting boards remain the most efficient for cooking food. This is why we decided to build our own wooden cutting boards. Find out all you must learn about this natural substance and why it's superior to other materials.

These Are The Best Kinds Of Cutting Boards To Use In Your Kitchen

You've likely heard all sorts of contradictory advice about which type of knife cutting surface is the most eco-friendly, most safe, and most non-harmful to your knives. So, who's right?
We've finally set the record straight regarding what is the most effective type of cut-off board to use: wood, plastic, or bamboo.


Many think they are using plastic as the cleanest cutting board material, particularly because, unlike wood and bamboo it's safe to pass through the dishwasher. While a brand new cutting board made of plastic is able to be cleaned easily but it's nearly impossible to clean it manually using a knife-scarred surface.
The most important thing to remember is to clean your cutting boards of plastic with the dishwasher, in case you are able to. If they're badly scratched, you might want to consider retiring them (or giving them a new lease of life).


Bamboo is the preferred choice among many green activists. Being a hard grass, it's a renewable and sustainable resource that doesn't require chemicals to grow or be harvested. Bamboo boards are less prone to liquid absorption than wooden boards, many people believe they're at least as clean as wooden boards.
The downside? Bamboo can be 19 percent harder than maple, which means it is also more difficult to cut with your knives. The small grooves can grab your knife, disrupting the smooth cutting process.
The bottom line is that you can't get better than bamboo. We enjoy it for the bar and for small chopping jobs Just make sure you choose boards that are made with formaldehyde-free glues like those from Totally Bamboo.


It is an eco-friendly resource however, it isn't as sustainable as bamboo. A lot of boards are constructed from scrap wood (i.e. leftovers from the mill that would otherwise be thrown to the side). Furthermore, a strong softwood board is gentle on knives and keeps their sharpness for longer. Also, a top cutting board made of maple or beech is self-healing and will not cause scars as easily as a plastic cutting board. Our most popular cutting boards are this one by John Boos and this one by J.K. Adams (you can't choose between the cutting boards made by either of these firms).
The main point is to regularly coat your wood board with mineral oil that is food-grade to guard the wood against warping and staining Don't wash your board in the washing machine. A wood deck that is well-maintained can last for years. Door Repair Albion Islington Square has well-experienced persons who are providing this service for 25 years. If you want to secure your important things so first, you change your home door so you can get service from him.

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