What Are The 7 Types Of Locks?

Despite a decrease of 10 years in burglaries, the number perpetrated in the United States still topped 900,000 in 2020 according to the FBI. Door locks be a crucial factor in keeping this trend going in deterring potential burglars, as well as ensuring the privacy of your home.
Door locks are crucial to ensure your home whether it's a workplace or home space security protection and privacy of your home. Locksmith Toronto offers a wide variety of locks it is, therefore, crucial to select the right locks for your workplace or home in order to avoid having to be the victim of property damage and theft.

However, there's a broad range of locks available on the market. Knowing the main differences between them is crucial to select the right one for your business. Check out our guide to find out about seven types of door locks.

1. Knob Locks

Knob lock is the most well-known kind of lock for doors and is the most secure method for doors of all kinds. The lock's cylinder can be found inside the knob, not of being part of the door. This is why knob locks shouldn't be installed on doors with exterior doors because they could be easily broken with simple tools like a hammer and wrench.

2. Cam Locks

Cam locks comprise an attaching arm, also known as a cam, that turns to secure. They are cylindrical and comprise the appearance of a tube made of metal with a hole on one end that assists in locating the bolt once it's put in.
They are commonly utilized in vending machines desks, file cabinets, as well as a display case to block unauthorized access. When cabinets are constructed properly they're invisible in the majority of cases. Certain cam locks protect the doors of cabinets completely which makes them appealing to secure delicate materials.


3. Pad Locks

Padlocks are among the most basic types of door locks which are portable, meaning unlike other locks, they're not fixed to the door or to anything which uses them. Padlocks can be attached to a gate, door or chain, or even a fence to secure the space and stop vandalism or theft. They have a shackle with a shoulder that is a piece of which the shoulder of the padlock raises over the end of the shackle in order to stop the bolt cutters to not cut into it.

4. Electronic Security Locks As Well As Smart Locks

Electronic locks don't have keys needed to lock or unlock them. Instead, they are equipped with cards or a keypad that you can access using the key or code. Keyless locks are commonly used in hotels and offices and are becoming more well-liked in apartment buildings as well as residential homes.

Break in Lock Repairs Toronto electronic locks can be used to monitor the frequency of use and may even create an inventory of the time of entry and exit to the property or room. If multiple people have different keys, it is possible to be recorded which person used the lock, making it simpler to determine who entered your property during a specific moment. This could help to maintain more secure practices, and could aid in the event of suspicious activity being observed.

5. Chain Lock

Chain locks are typically located in hotel rooms as well as the main doors of apartments. They provide an additional security layer. Chains help secure the door's frame and appear like bolts to lock it in. The benefit of a lock is that it allows one to move the door to observe who is outside, but not open the entire door or bolt.


6. Latch Locks

Latch locks can be common locks that you've frequently seen on the exterior. In this case, once the key is fitted to the cylinder, the internal parts move and engage the latch/bolt inside the door. The latch moves in and out of the frame of the door (box) to secure and unlock it. They typically employ either the spring bolt or deadbolt mechanism, which was discussed earlier.

7. Rim Or Mortise Lock

Rim, also known as mortise lock is the most well-known choice for commercial doors that are large, glass doors, or even fancy structures. In this scenario, Rim locks are attached to the door and appear like a piece of metal extended outwards. The box lock is usually installed within this rim and then mortise to the edges. Mortise locks are very strong and can secure your door well. These locks are ideal for commercial doors. locks.

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