Can I Get A Lawyer For A Minor Car Accident?

  • Carl Arthur
  • Law
  • 15 November 2022

Car accidents take place in the Antelope Valley on a regular basis. We all know that the effects of these accidents could be catastrophic leading to massive personal injuries and suffering to the victims. However, many crashes aren't that severe and cause small damages to the vehicle and just minor injuries.

In these circumstances, it's normal for people to think that an attorney's services aren't worth the cost. Why would you need a Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles when the incident was minor and no one was hurt? The majority of issues caused by incidents that are not major such as claims for insurance or disagreements about fault or long-term hurt are not uncovered during the procedure. Following an incident that is small, most people do not realize the extent to which lawyers can help.
When you're in an auto accident that's low-speed, such as a parking space at a store, or an accident that occurs within the busy Lancaster Boulevard, you have legal rights and can rely on an attorney to ensure you are protected.

1. Information Retrieving And Reporting

The thought of calling the police after an incident that's not too serious is probably not on your radar, especially in the event there isn't any injury. However, making a call to the police is generally a smart decision. If the police arrive they write and file an accident report that provides specific details about the events that led to the incident. Although the report will not be able to pinpoint the cause of the accident, however, it can describe how they viewed the incident happened. This is a piece of extremely useful evidence to back up your claim particularly if you're incapable of convincing the other side of your view of the events.


2. Need Medical Attention

Major car accidents that cause substantial damage to the vehicle are likely to cause injuries that require medical treatment. Even minor injuries need to be taken care of by a physician and there are certain injuries that might not present until after the accident. Because medical care is expensive, it is crucial to get an advocate in your fight to secure the money you require to cover these costs.

For example, concussion, which is among the more common injuries sustained in car accidents may not present immediately as a symptom however, it could cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills for the patient. Don't dismiss your injuries as being minor. Every single incident is severe enough to merit legal representation.

3. Contacting Insurance Companies

Sometimes, an accident that involves a fender bender may cause a little bit of damage to your vehicle. For instance, imagine that someone crashes onto your vehicle's rear end with an acceleration that is similar to that of the slow sign. It may cause a shock and cause a few scratches and scratches to the vehicle, but it won't result in any physical injuries.

If your car has suffered significant damage and you're seeking the help of a lawyer who can help you with a car accident. Repairing your vehicle may cost more than what the value of the car your insurance provider might offer a small amount towards the replacement of your vehicle. It's likely that the amount you receive will not suffice to purchase an entirely new vehicle. A Car Accident Lawyer for settlements may be able to help you fight insurance companies and could increase the amount you get to buy a brand-new vehicle.


4. The Other Driver Won't Admit The Issue

If the person who caused the crash refuses to admit fault then you're likely to face an argument in the courtroom. Even if your accident only caused minor damage to your vehicle, it's still an issue to cover higher insurance costs, and repair costs to your vehicle shouldn't be solely your responsibility.
To help you collect the funds you're due To assist you in obtaining the compensation you're entitled to Your minor car crash lawyer will investigate the accident to determine if the other driver was at fault. If you do not have this legal guidance for your side then you may be required to pay the costs.

5. Keep All Documents

Another reason to talk to an attorney is that you'll require counsel from an advocate you can trust on how to best defend your case. Our first tip? Be sure to keep all of your records. Every police report you get. All prescriptions and medical notes. Every purchase from the repair shop. Make sure to keep this information organized to calculate the financial impact this incident affected your life and also the physical injury you could have suffered.

6. Time Constraints

Each state has its own time frame within which the state has the right to sue an individual or company following an incident. In California, this period of time is two years.
It could seem like a long amount of time however, when you're trying to make repairs to your vehicle as well as fighting insurance companies and seeking to recover your damages, it could go by without you even realizing it. Employing a trustworthy lawyer in the event of a car accident immediately after the accident will guarantee that the timeframe is met. If you do not have an attorney with experience, you may not be able to get the compensation to which you're entitled.

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